On behalf of Grey Advertising and Unicef, I would like to extend special thanks to you and the HiSide team.

You made the unveiling ceremony of the HOPE statue at Nelson Mandela Square on Monday evening very, very special and a night to remember. Without your support and contribution, we could not have made this very important and worthy initiative happen.

I attended the Unicef CEO breakfast this morning and can confirm that the coverage for the HOPE statue is reaching all corners of the globe and the feedback we are getting is incredible. I am not sure if you are aware, but we were the top trending twitter topic on Monday (#worldchildrensday) ahead of even the Mugabe impeachment story!!

Thank you once again for your passion and dedication. We especially appreciate the eventing support, décor elements, statue cover, stanchions, red carpet, DJ, lights, sound etc. Everything necessary to pull this off!

Grey Advertising

Now that the HMD Nokia and Dulux events are over, I want to thank the Hiside Team for being such Super Stars.
You truly have an amazing team.

They are always on top of their game - very hands-on and proactive on site.

They are efficient in every aspect and maintain a professional relationship with suppliers and clients no matter how great the challenge they are faced with.

Grey Advertising

The most enormous thank you from my side for your mind blowing delivery, attention to detail, service and creativity. Blue Skies was a huge success and I would personally like to thank you for your critical involvement in being a part of this success.

The organising was phenomenal and all other components just too superb for words. It is an honour to have worked with you on this event and we look forward to many more in the future!

The feedback which I received from our CEO was that it was a huge success, the fact that they were alone at the lodge made a huge difference and the quality of the venue was top notch.

A GIANT thank you and HUGE Congratulations for a job well done!


I can truly say that our experience with you and Hiside has been incredible.

Your professionalism, attention to detail and flawless execution was evident from the start. I want to thank you for your contribution in making our conference a huge success and especially for being willing to go the extra mile. We look forward to partnering with you in the future again.


Once again thanks for all your hard work and effort surrounding the conference. I had only positive feedback from my team and can really commend you all of setting the standard year after year. This probably rated as one of the best I have attended and are looking forward continuing the relationship.

I also need to compliment everyone on their passionate and professional attitude, service and going the extra mile.

In my discussion with management I also recommend that we now stick with HiSide as conference coordinator as the team understand the dynamics, culture and expectations of our company.


I would just like to thank you so much for all your assistance and getting all the entertainers here on time and to their points. You were amazing. Thanks to you and HiSide, the FNB Heritage Run was a success. Looking forward to working with you again in the future.


Apologies for a belated thank you but thank you for all of the efforts put in to our business sessions last week and the week before that. The HiSide team was fantastic in ensuring our 4 back-to-back business sessions went off smoothly. I don’t have everyone in the team’s email address but please could you pass on my gratitude for the collective HiSide efforts, great team spirit, can do attitude and extraordinary hours worked.

Famous Brands

I would like to take the opportunity to thank you for your and your team’s contribution to our enjoyable functions in Cape Town and Joburg. We did not only experience a well-organized event, in the inspiring ambiance, but also in a very engaging atmosphere. Could you also please pass our appreciation to your entertainment for his contribution – what an entertainer and nice person to “work” with!

Kimberly Clark

I wanted to compliment you on being so excellent yesterday. You have a calm demeanor that was comforting for me as an organizer. Anything I asked was literally done in a heartbeat. Absolute exceptional service. Thank you.

Discovery Health

A huge thank you for all your hard work regarding the Stroke Conference. It was the best conference that we have had so far and I have had so much positive feedback from all my Durban delegates. Thank you for your patience with everyone and for going out of your way for every single delegate. You girls are FANTASTIC!

Boehringer Ingelheim